Milltek Non Resonated Cat Back Exhaust Mini (R53) Cooper S 02-06 – SSXM007

Milltek Non Resonated Cat Back Exhaust Mini (R53) Cooper S 02-06 – SSXM007


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Milltek Catback Exhaust Systems are a replacement for your stock exhaust system running from the primary catalytic converter back. By partially replacing your OE exhaust system you will enjoy noticeable power gains, Milltek’s signature sound designed to be sporty but not intrusive, and some of the best looking stainless steel exhaust systems around.

Milltek have 30 years of continuous ongoing experience of exhaust development. They use only the highest grade T304 Stainless Steel in their exhausts. This is a very hard wearing alloy with a high chromium content offering superb corrosion resistance. It is also evident in the design of Milltek’s exhaust systems. Unlike systems merely designed to be loud Milltek optimise their systems for minimum back pressure and maximum flow-rate. The more exhaust gas you get out of your engine the more air you can get in which in turn leads to power gains as the engine breathes more freely. You will also enjoy performance gains from the reduced weight of these systems against the stock systems.

Milltek understand that the grown up motoring enthusiast might not want to wake up the neighbours or listen to a droning exhaust note on long motorway journeys so they offer a choice of resonated and non-resonated systems. Resonated systems come with a special resonator chamber designed to cancel out certain frequencies. Non-resonated systems are a little louder but offer the best power gains and are still engineered not to be excessively loud.


  • 1 x Front Silencer Replacement Pipe
  • 1 x Link Pipe
  • 1 x Rear Silencer Assembly

PLEASE NOTE: As these systems run from primary catalyst back they may replace secondary catalytic converters where present. The vehicle SHOULD still be able to pass MOT emissions testing (but is not guaranteed), without the secondary cats which are generally only present for extra emissions control on cold-start.

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