K&N Induction Kit for Ford Focus MK3 ST 250


K&N Induction Kit for Ford Focus MK3 ST 250


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K&N Induction Kit for Ford Focus MK3 ST 250

Performance Induction Kits (or Intake Kits) come in a variety of different designs dependant on the all application and price, however they all share a common purpose. The main design feature of a Performance Induction Kit is to maximise the air flow in to the engine, this would normally mean the removal of the existing air box on the car and replacing this with some form of open or enclosed cone filter with an additional cold air feed pipe.

The benefit of this type of air filter is purely about performance increase, but you also do get a nice induction sound! The power increase comes not only from a larger volume of air in to the engine but the temperature of the air, the colder the better as this helps with more efficient combustion. This is why you will find that most kits have a additional cold air pipe, that can be positioned to feed this directly in to the intake kit, while other kits will use additional pipe work to relocate the filter to a better location and away from the high temperatures close to the engine.

The final type of kit that is becoming more and more popular is the enclosed type, which uses a traditional cone type filter but housed in a dedicated and specifically designed enclosure, this protects the cold air being fed from the outside being heated inside the engine bay and therefore giving the most performance gain.

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